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" ยินดีต้อนรับสู่...โรงเรียนเขมะสิริอนุสสรณ์ "
School Vision :

A school for girls who have gracious manners, thinking processes, wise use of technology, foreign languages competency, and financial awareness.

School Obligations :

1. To stimulate students to be faithful, loyal, grateful and respectful to our nation, religion and monarchy.


2. To cultivate cultural maintenance and Thai and international etiquette among teachers and students.


3. To encourage students to have critical thinking and rationality.


4. To develop teaching strategies so as to allow students to have thinking capacities.


5. To promote students to utilize modern technology wisely and beneficially in learning.


6. To provide teachers support to use technology in teaching.


7. To create advanced foreign language competency for teachers and students.


8. To encourage teachers and students to have a saving mindset and expense awareness.

Goal :

1. Students adhere to moral and ethical principles and preferred values.


2. Students honor the school’s uniqueness and value Thai and international etiquette.


3. Students produce school projects employing the scientific method.

    4. Teachers employ teaching strategies, allowing students to have thinking capacities.
    5. Students utilize modern technology wisely.
    6. Teachers use technology in teaching.
    7. Teachers and students have advanced foreign language competency.
    8. Teachers and students have a saving mindset and expense awareness.
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โรงเรียนเขมะสิริอนุสสรณ์: เลขที่ 210 ถนนราชวิถี แขวงบางยี่ขัน เขตบางพลัด กรุงเทพฯ 10700
Khemasiri Memorial School: 210 Ratchawithi Rd. Bangyikhan Bangphlat Bangkok 10700
โทรศัพท์ :02-4242244,02-4245777,02-4242255,02-4245377-79
E-mail : kms@khemasiri.ac.th , Line: @khemasiri