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" ยินดีต้อนรับสู่...โรงเรียนเขมะสิริอนุสสรณ์ "


Khemasiri follows the primary education curriculum of 2001 of the Ministry of Education, which is divided into eight major learning groups: Thai language, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Religion and Culture, Health Education and Physical Education, Art, Work Occupation and Technology, and Foreign Languages (taught by native speakers—English from Prathom 1, and additional French, Chinese, and Japanese during Mattayom 4 to 6). The curriculum also includes special instructors from universities in chemistry, physics, biology, etc. for high school students (Mattayom 4 – 6).

Extracurricular Activities

Khemasiri provides numerous activities such as the Red Cross Youth, Sports Day, Thai and Traditional Music activities, dancing arts activities, field trips, religious and cultural  activities, library activities, counseling services, academic day, environmental conservation activities, and English summer camps during school holidays, to promote academic advantages.

External foreinge Relations

World School Program

Every year, Khemasiri sends student representatives of Mattayom 4 – 6 to participate in the annual international seminar, organized by Kanto International High School, Japan, to share and exchange views among students between the two countries.

Cultural Exchange Program

The cultural exchange program between Khemasiri students and the students of Hyogo Ken Harima School, Japan, is offered to expand students’ knowledge and experiences in the cultures and traditions of the two countries such as “Wai,” which is a form of Thai culture, Thai and Japanese manners, how to present Thai desserts, how to make Japanese tea, “Origami,” which is a traditional Japanese art of folding paper, writing Thai and Japanese alphabets, and writing the Japanese alphabet on paper fans, etc.

Information Technology Center

To facilitate teaching efficiency, the school provides modern audiovisual equipment such as visual aids, mobile televisions, overhead projectors, opaque projectors, video, and various instructional media. The computer rooms and classrooms are equipped with computers, LAN network, and hi-speed Internet access.

Health Services

Medical services include services from nurses and teachers who are ready to take great care of students. The school provides medical check-ups, annual dental check-ups, and periodic vaccinations. The services also include insurance for accidents and ambulance services (in case of an emergency).

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โรงเรียนเขมะสิริอนุสสรณ์ สถานที่ตั้ง 210 ถนนราชวิถี แขวงบางยี่ขัน เขตบางพลัด กรุงเทพฯ 10700
Khemasiri Memorial School 210 Rajavithee Rd. Bangplad Bangkok 10700 Thailand
โทรศัพท์ :02-4242244,02-4245777,02-4242255,02-4245377-79 โทรสาร :02-4354397
E-mail : kms@khemasiri.ac.th , Line: @khemasiri